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Sri lanka has become a proud nation to provide almost all the very best of entertainment through out the year exploring in every corner of the country. Consequently it is now one of the surfing world’s secret gems revealed to a few.

Kite surfing has a long history developed since the 1800′ s in the world but now the pearl of the indian ocean of rich culture is a treasure trove for the world of surfers. Kite surfing is a collection of water sports and gymnastics in to one intense sport that muzzles the wind power with a large kite. It’ s perhaps the world’ s most marketed sport with  1.5 million surfers and gear worth US $ 250 millions.

It demands a consistent wind power and Sri lanka has become competent in offering  just that and much more along for a greater part of the year. The tropical water, fun waves, diverse cultural experiences, expeditions and much more is what this unforgettable paradise has to offer to entice the travelers to visit Sri Lanka over and over again.

There are two major hangouts laid on either sides of the island.

One is the puttlam penninsula’s most vastly developing  tourist attraction- Kalpitiya; that is on the North western portion and the other is the world famous surfing beach- Arugambay on the South Eastern portion of the island.

As every single surfer around the world knows the International Surfing Competitions being held at Arugambay , it is famed for all the wind surfing activities. The surfing season starts from April to October. During the summer season Arugambay is filled with exciting  surfers , kite surfers and simply those who wants a charming and relaxing holiday under the palm rimmes of a sparkling beach.

Being the largest and one of the best three surf camp sites Arugambay offer a endless chase of waves and it has been attracting both amature and world renowed surfers since early 60′ s to it’s gleaming waters.

With it’s fabulous waves and decorous conditions, brings a great pleasure to kitesurfing.

As a destination that ‘s  still growing in many ways Arugambay does not fail to provide an unforgettable experience to anyone who seeks it.

Arugambay, though a very precious tourist attraction, has gained less attention from the particular government departments. Over the past decade after the tsunami in 2004, which caused a lauge plunder on the island’ s coast line, Arugambay is still and yet is ascending from the wreckage. But unlike  other attractions which faced the same catastrophe  Arugambay was strong enough to keep attracting people to it’s  beauty, even with slow recovery from damage and destruction. Jungle beaches with amazing breaks, winds in the afternoon for some kitesurfing among the surfers will leave a massive impression of this exciting place on this island paradise.

The second International kitesurfing Kalpitiya Lagoon is a world famous and best kitesurfing arena located on the peninsula of Puttlam of Sri Lanka. The ceaseless sand banks of the lagoon provides a good start for the novice to learn as well as the experts to emend more skills. Catering a splendid and enthralling eternity to all the visitors, Kalpitiya marine sanctuary is a breakthrough in Sri Lankan tourism.

The Alankuda beach is the stamping ground of some notable beach hotels of great appeal to the legendary peninsula that provides exemplary hospitality worth the stay.

Kalpitiya has a average wind of 18-25 knots during summer and nice afternoon winds in the winter season perfect for kitesurfing in anytime of the year. The tropical weather is usually sunny and dry during summer with a temperature of 30-32 C during the day and 28 C at night.

Kalpitiya Lagoon offers some safe spots for the neophytes while the Puttlam Lagoon is fashioned for the Pros. It is ample for Downwinds and kite trips with gear at affordable prices and kite repair services alongside the direction of a professional IKO certified instructor. One of the safe points for the novice is the Kappalady kite school in Kappalady lagoon. It is an awesome place to start a extravagant kitesurfing journey.

With consistent winds spread out the year and waist deep water, Kappalady is by far the best in Sri Lanka for a memorable holiday of epic kite safaris.

The lagoon is the platform for the Kitesurfing Kalpitiya Lagoon challenging of 50 participants, both men and women from over 17 countries. Comprised of two major events of exciting and thrilling performances, the event is organized by the Kalpitiya Windsport Club to support and encourage the local talent while throwing spotlight on this uprising tourist attraction to be on the Kitesurfing tour map as a major, one day.

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